How should the pneumatic valve be installed and used?


(1) Before the pneumatic valve is installed and used, t […]

(1) Before the pneumatic valve is installed and used, the valve must be inspected and opened and closed before installation. It can be installed and used only under normal operating conditions.
(2) The installation of the pneumatic valve should make the valve and the pipeline flange as concentric as possible, and fix it with support. Do not subject the ball valve to other external forces to avoid damage to the valve's middle seal and valve deformation. The valve cannot be used due to the failure of the valve switch and the damage of the valve.
(3) It is necessary to ensure that the power source provided by the balloon valve and pneumatic components must be clean and free of oil and water as much as possible. Cleanliness should be less than 0.4 microns.
(4) Before connecting to the air source, the air supply pipeline, air source interface, switch and other devices must be cleaned to prevent malfunctions caused by dirty and sand rushing into the pneumatic actuator due to unclean pipelines.
(5) For the connection of pneumatic actuators, solenoid valves, positioners, filters, pressure reducing valves, etc., copper pipes or nylon pipes can be used. To prevent dust and reduce noise, the exhaust port should be installed with a muffler or muffler Flow valve.
(6) After installation, the pneumatic valve should be tested, pressurize the pneumatic actuator to the rated value, the pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.7mpa, open and close the pneumatic ball valve, observe the opening and closing of the valve. It should be rotated flexibly without jamming. If the switch is blocked, the air pressure can be increased, and the valve can be adjusted to be flexible by repeatedly switching on and off.
(7) When installing and debugging the on-off pneumatic valve, first use the manual device to debug (manual button on the solenoid valve), and then energize it after the operation is normal.
(8) Pneumatic valves should be regularly maintained at the rotating part of the valve stem, and should be refueled (oil) once every three months. Regularly drain and drain the pneumatic actuator and the air filter used in conjunction. Under normal circumstances, check once every six months and check and repair once a year.


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