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J 4V200 Valves Series

J 4V200 Valves Series

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1. The Anti-friction seal is added at both ends of the valve spool to make the valve spool more stable during the switching process and increase the valve life time.
2. Seals original imported from Japan; Optimize valve body inner flow path; Maximum increase the air flow area.
3. Valve Piloted Seat is from Taiwan, the surface design with 5 pcs stripe; Increased the strength of Mannual ride spindle; The appearance is more distinctive.
4. The valve body surface treatment adopts a new environmental protection process.
5. Fully automated assembling & test line with good product consistency.



Internal Structure






1Cross slot pan screw7Valve spool13Coil
2Back cover8Piston14Coil nut
3Spring9Y ring15Fix plate
4Anomalous seal10Spring16O ring
5Valve body11Mannual ride spindle17Plunger
6Flat ring12Terminal18Pilot seat



Improvement of Flow Performance Indicator 




Improvement of Life-time





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Valve Type

5/2 way5/3 way5/2 way5/3 way

Effective Cross Section Area

14 mm²(CV=0.78)12 mm² (CV=0.67)16 mm² (CV=0.89)12 mm² (CV=0.67)


J3V210-06J3V220-063A210-  063A220-06J3V210-08J3V220-083A210-083A220-08  

Valve Type

 3/2 way

Effective Cross Section Area

14 mm² (CV = 0.78)16 mm² (CV = 0.89)  

Port Size

Inlet, Outlet, Exhaust Port = G 1/8″Inlet, Outlet = G 1/4″ , Exhaust Port = G 1/8″  

Working Medium

40 Micron Filtered Air


Internal piloted


0.15~0.8 MPa

Max. Test Pressure


Ambient Temperature

-20 ~ 70 ℃

Operating Voltage Tolerance

± 10%

Power Consumption

AC: 3.5VA DC: 2.5W

Connector Protection

F Class, IP 65

Wiring / Connector

Cable / Lead Wire or DIN Connector

Switching Frequency

5 Cycles / Sec.

Response Time

0.05 Sec.