What are the characteristics of proportional valve?


Proportional control valve is a control valve that cont […]

Proportional control valve is a control valve that continuously and proportionally controls the flow, pressure and direction of the hydraulic system according to the input electrical signal, and the output flow and pressure can not be affected by load changes.

Compared with ordinary hydraulic components, proportional valves have the following characteristics:
(1) The electrical signal is easy to transmit and can simply realize long-distance control.
(2) It can continuously and proportionally control the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system, realize the control of the position, speed and force of the actuator, and reduce the impact during pressure change.
(3) The number of components is reduced and the oil circuit is simplified.



At the same time, the use conditions and maintenance of electro-hydraulic proportional valves are the same as those of general hydraulic components, and they have stronger anti-pollution performance and reliable operation than servo valves.

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