What are the problems that easily occur in the process of using solenoid valves?


(Clean in time) The working frequency is too high or th […]

(Clean in time) The working frequency is too high or the service life is over. Change the product or update the product. Analysis and solution of the solenoid valve not working after power-on: The answer to the solution is contained in the brackets, (replace the seal) whether the fluid temperature and viscosity are too high. Check whether the power supply wiring is bad, (cleaning) the life of the spring is reached or deformed.

(Re-wiring and connection of the connector) Check whether the power supply voltage is within the ± working range. Regarding the solenoid valve cannot close the main valve core or the seal of the iron core is damaged; (replace the corresponding solenoid valve) Impurities enter the solenoid valve production valve Core or moving iron core; (adjust the normal position range) whether the coil is unsoldered; (re-welding), (replace the coil) whether the working pressure difference is inappropriate; (clean, (the connection is loose or the seal is broken, tighten the iron) Impurities or uneven wicking surface;); short circuit of the coil; if the seal is damaged, replace the seal and install the filter) the viscosity of the liquid is too high; the frequency is too high and the service life is reached (replace the product)

Regarding other problems of the solenoid valve, there is leakage in the solenoid valve; (check whether the seal is damaged; whether the spring is poorly assembled) leaking outside the solenoid valve; (replace) the orifice balance hole is blocked. Tighten the screws or replace the seals) There is noise when the solenoid valve is energized; (firm parts on the head are loose; (adjust the pressure difference or replace the commensurate solenoid valve) fluid temperature is too high; voltage fluctuations are not within the allowable range; adjust the voltage; (replace) The appropriate solenoid valve) has impurities that cause the main valve core and moving iron core of the solenoid valve to jam; clean or replace in time.

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