"Show me wonderful, I'm happy" entertainment competition


At the end of the year, Dongyang Hexi, on the eve of Ji […]

At the end of the year, Dongyang Hexi, on the eve of Jialingling's upcoming 20th anniversary, the company sent a wonderful entertainment dinner for the entire factory staff. From December 5th to 11th, 2019, at noon every day at 11:30, employees were organized to launch basketball dribble relay, gas volleyball, tug of war and group skipping competitions. All employees were enthusiastic and actively participated. Various activities had a total of more than 190 employees participating (accounting for 56.2% of the total number of employees). Everyone competed and cheered in laughter and laughter, and enhanced friendship.
A lot of things to watch in the event: The basketball dribble relay game not only competes with speed, but also tests the accuracy of individual shots. The persistence of repeated misses is the spirit of Jia Yi Ling's unwillingness to lose; the gas volleyball game also established an Indian staff team Although everyone has poor language communication, the goal is the same, giving the game a taste of international competition; tug-of-war is a traditional reserved project of Jialing Ling for many years, and the general manager Dan also can't help it. He personally went on to become the referee. The sound of cheering resounded through the blue sky; in the group skipping competition, the players passed through and cooperated with each other, and there was a tie between the assembly workshop team and the cylinder metalworking team to overtime, and they were tied for first place.



The activity is the carrier of corporate culture. There is no difference in age, gender, nationality in the activity, but only the collaboration and joy. The 20 years of Jialingling, that is, the 20 years of “happy work and happy life” for employees, let us wish Jialingling with joy “Happy Birthday, Everlasting Foundation”!

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