JELPC I2020 waiting for spring blossoms


A sudden new crown epidemic dims the New Year fireworks […]

A sudden new crown epidemic dims the New Year fireworks in 2020. While the whole country is in emergency assistance to Wuhan, Hubei, the attractions are closed, restaurants are closed, the community is closed, the streets are deserted ... Behind the quiet waiting, there are always A group of people are silently guarding and giving. During the Spring Festival, when people were watching the development of the epidemic at home, Zhang Shiming, Jiang Fangjun, Yu Caichun, Zhang Yangkai, Zheng Zhouhao, Cheng Lili, Zhu Sanfeng, Ying Youguo, Ying Jianda, and others actively called for them to join In the ranks of volunteers, regardless of day and night, there is no fear of wind and rain-measuring body temperature, registration, publicity, and the "voluntary red" on the designated card point is a protective wall for the duty community! The member of the Sheshan Community Industry Committee, Jia Fanling employee Bei Fanyong, made his own voice broadcast content, and patrolled in the community every day to inform the community residents about precautions for epidemic prevention and control. Although their contribution is insignificant, it is also a clear drop of water in the army of millions of volunteers!



As time goes by, medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing, and temperature guns are becoming scarce. As a professional manufacturer of masks and other mechanical equipment and pneumatic accessories, a large number of orders are urgent, and resumption of work is imminent! To ensure the safety of employees and resume production as soon as possible, under the leadership of General Manager Shan Mojun, an epidemic prevention leadership group led by the company's party branch secretary Zhang Qi was established on February 6th-will be scattered throughout the country through WeChat and telephone Staff information of each place is compiled daily and health files are established, and materials such as masks, disinfection water, thermometers, and watering cans are actively prepared, resumption service teams are prepared, epidemic prevention plans are prepared, and canteens, office areas, factory car hygiene and disinfection are prepared in advance. This work was carried out smoothly and orderly.



On February 13, members of the resumption service team (Shan Junbo, Xiong Hongjun, Zhang Shiming, Jiang Fangjun, Song Changjun, Zhu Sanfeng, Xie Tieyun, Bei Fanyong, Yu Caichun, Zhu Keying, Dan Lewei, etc.) prepared early and strictly followed the process Measure body temperature, register, distribute masks, and disinfect posts for each employee on the job. For ten days after returning to work, the members of the service team insisted on duty on duty every morning, and the employees' body temperature should be measured during lunch. At the same time, staff members were dispatched daily to cooperate with the doorman to strengthen control. The staff of the cafeteria insisted on disinfecting the venue twice a day. Daily disinfection and registration of closed areas such as bathrooms and elevators in the factory area every morning and afternoon; visit the dormitory every day to observe the temperature of employees and establish health records for migrant workers. It is this enthusiasm and hard work that brings together a good result. A pure land produced by Xun Lingping!



Today's Jialing Ling has basically resumed production. All departments / workshops are working together, and all staff are working together to overcome various difficulties and speed up the matching order of mask machines required for the epidemic. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow ... This smoke-free war will eventually be crushed. Let us join hands to fuel Wuhan and China while waiting for the spring of 2020!




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