How to avoid damage to the cylinder?


Many people think about the term cylinder a little rust […]

Many people think about the term cylinder a little rusty, it is an item in the core technology of pneumatic technology. As a typical pneumatic component, it is now widely used in machinery manufacturing. Cylinder is a kind of transmission system commonly used in pneumatic control valves, and daily maintenance and installation are all relatively simple. However, if you don't pay attention to it during application, it will harm the cylinder or even destroy it. So what should we pay attention to when applying it?


DNT Series Economical Cylinder   (Conforms to ISO15552 Standard)



Note 1:Before installing the bronchus and the cylinder, be sure to check whether there is any dirt in the pipe, and clean it up and clean to prevent the dirt from entering the cylinder and causing damage or harm to the cylinder.
Note 2: In the case of ultra-low temperature, cold-proof countermeasures should be adopted to prevent the water lock in the system software. Under high temperature standards, heat-resistant cylinders that match the installation should be selected.
Note 3: If the load changes during operation, a cylinder with sufficient output power must be selected.
Note 4: Try to prevent side load during operation, otherwise it will endanger the normal life of the cylinder.
Note 5. The cylinder should not be used for a long time after the cylinder is removed. It is reasonable to add anti-fouling blocking caps to the intake and exhaust pipes to prevent surface anti-rust treatment.
Note 6. Before application, the cylinder should be fully loaded and test work. Adjust the buffer at least before work and gradually increase. The speed adjustment is not suitable for too fast in the whole process, so as to prevent excessive impact from damaging the cylinder.

Then we must pay attention to this kind of matters when applying, so that it can prevent the cylinder from being scratched and damaged after a long time, and it can prevent problems in the operation of automation equipment. Everyone can master more professional knowledge about cylinders. When a problem arises, everyone also knows how to solve it!

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