Do you know the difference between a cylinder and an oil cylinder?


1. The working principle is different. The working pres […]

1. The working principle is different. The working pressure of the pneumatic system of the pneumatic cylinder is generally in the range of 0.2-1.0 MPa, so the pneumatic cylinder cannot be used as a high-power power component. Hydraulic cylinders are different, hydraulic cylinders can be used as components with relatively large power. After the cylinder is pressed in, the surface roughness of the hole is reduced from Ra3.2~6.3μm before rolling to Ra0.4~0.8μm
The surface hardness of the hole is increased by about 30%, and the fatigue strength of the inner surface of the cylinder tube is increased by 25%. If only the influence of the cylinder barrel is considered, the service life of the oil cylinder will be increased by 2 to 3 times, and the efficiency of the boring and rolling process is about 3 times higher than that of the grinding process. The above data shows that the rolling process is effective and can greatly improve the surface quality of the cylinder.


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All cylinders are composed of five basic parts: piston and piston rod; exhaust device; cylinder and cylinder head; sealing device; buffer device. The working principle of the oil cylinder is similar to that of the air cylinder. By manually pressurizing the valve stem (hydraulic manual pump), the hydraulic oil can enter the cylinder through the one-way valve.

At this time, the hydraulic oil entering the cylinder model cannot be moved back because of the single valve, forcing the cylinder rod to rise, and then continue to make the hydraulic oil enter the hydraulic cylinder during the working process, so it keeps rising. When descending, open the hydraulic valve to return the hydraulic oil to the tank. This is a simple working principle, and the others are improved on this basis. The principle of the cylinder is basically the same as that of the oil cylinder.


2. From the media's point of view, air can be inexhaustible without additional costs and difficult supply costs. The used gas can be directly discharged into the atmosphere, which is easy to handle and will not be polluted, while the hydraulic oil is the opposite. Hydraulic cylinders can work normally with hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is a non-renewable resource and cannot be recycled. Used hydraulic oil will have an impact on the environment.


3. From the perspective of the working resistance of the hydraulic cylinder and the air cylinder, the third difference between the hydraulic cylinder and the air cylinder is that the air viscosity is small, and the resistance will be smaller than that of the hydraulic oil.


4. In terms of resource utilization efficiency, the fourth difference between hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders is that the compression ratio of air is much greater than that of hydraulic oil, so its working stability and responsiveness are much worse.

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