What are the classifications of high-pressure solenoid valves?


High pressure solenoid valve classification The high-pr […]

High pressure solenoid valve classification
The high-pressure solenoid valve is divided into two structural principles, direct-acting and pilot-operated. The high-pressure solenoid valve has obvious price and quality advantages in China. This product uses a unique space concept, a disc piston structure, light and flexible, and a guiding device in the valve. Make the piston move up and down without deviating from the center, effectively avoiding the failure of the piston stuck in the valve cavity. The superiorly designed three-dimensional sealing structure can be flexibly matched with different sealing materials, and the valve can reach zero leakage. The high pressure solenoid valve has brass high pressure solenoid valve and stainless steel high pressure solenoid valve



Structural features
Pilot diaphragm type, maximum pressure 6.0M MPa Air force, navy supporting products
Compact design, exquisite and beautiful, low temperature rise, no noise, zero leakage
Fast action response, high frequency German craftsmanship, export series, reliable quality
If the medium contains impurities, a filter must be installed in front of the valve (the filter screen is greater than or equal to 80 mesh/cm2); and there is no solidification or crystal phenomenon.

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