What are the safety instructions for pneumatic cylinders?


1. When designing the warning circuit, you must have a […]

1. When designing the warning circuit, you must have a full understanding of the characteristics of compressed air and the use of this product.
2. Except for the fluids listed in the specification table on the catalog, please do not use fluids other than the limited ones to avoid product damage and affect operation safety.
3. The air used is compressed air, which is expansive. Unstable pressure will cause flying, spraying or air leakage. Please pay attention to it; pay attention to collisions and dangers caused by objects within the turning radius of the rotary cylinder .
4. Please use it in accordance with the specifications and conditions, use beyond the conditions outside the specifications, it will cause danger.
5. Please use according to the specifications recorded in the catalog. Exceeding the torque, temperature and use conditions outside the specifications will cause malfunction; exceeding the load capacity or allowable value of the selected specifications will cause structural damage and affect safety.
6. When the rotary cylinder is actuated and the mechanical design has swings and other changes, it is necessary to pay attention to the danger of flying out and hand and foot being pinched, causing human injury and mechanical damage, etc., and the design must be prevented.
7. In the movable range of the rotary cylinder, the human body may touch the dangerous parts, and the protective cover must be used as a safety precaution to avoid the danger of direct contact with the human body.
8. The slewing cylinder drives large machinery or long-arm objects. The slewing cylinder must be equipped with a slow balance device and a deceleration circuit to reduce and ease the rigid impact of the mechanism device. It is best to install a hydraulic slow weighing device.
9. When designing, it is necessary to consider the emergency or instantaneous cut-off of the power supply, or the failure of the power source, the pressure drop of the air source circuit, which causes the rotation torque to drop, the actuation is not accurately positioned, and the damage to the mechanical settings, affecting human safety, etc., so the design Safety measures must be taken at all times.
10. When designing, it is necessary to consider the combination of the drive mechanism and the loop control system to avoid residual pressure remaining in the loop, incomplete positioning or side pressure and other factors that cause the driving object to fly out at a high speed. It is easy to cause injury to the human body and pinch injury of the hands and feet, as well as damage to the mechanism. There should be countermeasures to protect the circuit.
11. The emergency stop device of the organization is necessary. When there is an abnormal phenomenon, in addition to the protective device, there must be an abnormal stop device to avoid damage to the human body and equipment.
12. To start after an emergency stop, it is necessary to confirm that all mechanisms have been safely positioned to avoid the impact of incorrect positioning, which may affect the human body and damage to the equipment; in the design, safety precautions must be taken when starting after an abnormal stop.
13. When using the three-position intermediate stop control of the cylinder, the compressibility of the air and the difficulty of precise intermediate positioning must be considered. If the positioning is stopped for a long time, the displacement caused by air leakage must be considered; if there are special circumstances, use , Please contact our company’s business unit.
14. Requirements of the surrounding environment:
(1). Avoid chemicals and flammable products. Use in corrosive, sea water, high temperature and other environments.
(2). Avoid using in places with heat and radiation.
(3). The ambient temperature used should be used in accordance with the scope of the specification table.
(4). For use in cold areas, it is necessary to prevent defects caused by freezing.
(5). Avoid outdoor hot sun, excessive dust and other environments, which will cause quality instability.
(5). It should be avoided in occasions with oiliness, flammability and explosion-proof properties.


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