What are the precautions for the use of pneumatic cylinders?


Note 1. Before piping, it is necessary to prevent forei […]

1. Before piping, it is necessary to prevent foreign matter such as sundries and dust from entering the cylinder, causing malfunctions and erroneous operations.
2. The use of the cylinder is based on the principle of not exceeding the maximum stroke selected, and the inertial force collision between the piston and the front end must be avoided.
3. The air inlet (outlet) of the cylinder must be equipped with a speed control valve to control the speed of the cylinder. The air cylinder is best to control the speed of the exhaust (preferably)
4. For cylinders with longer strokes, the intermediate point support should be designed. If there is only one side support, it will cause static load bending. If there is vibration and load, it will easily cause damage.
5. For the structure of multiple cylinder devices operating at the same time, the device guide rod must be designed to avoid interference and malfunction.
6. The load of the cylinder axis must be consistent with the direction of movement. There must be no lateral load, which will cause wear and damage to the surface of the axis, and cause the shaft seal to be tightly damaged, resulting in air leakage and unsmooth operation.
7. The external guide rod or shaft end is connected to the object. The shaft end connection must avoid connection interference. It is best to connect a floating joint or an angle adjustable device to avoid unbalanced operation and damage to the cylinder.
8. The inner wall and axis of the cylinder tube are high-quality processed products. Avoid scratches on this part. In particular, damage to the outer tube of the cylinder tube will cause the tube wall to deform, which is the cause of poor cylinder operation and damage to the cylinder.
9. The adjustment of the cylinder attached with the slow balance device must be adjusted appropriately according to the actual operating speed and maximum load condition; the needle valve adjustment of the slow balance device cannot be fully closed, which will cause the slow balance to be damaged.


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