What is the coordinate pneumatic cylinder?


The coordinate pneumatic cylinder is a double-acting pn […]

The coordinate pneumatic cylinder is a double-acting pneumatic cylinder with a single piston rod. It has precise guiding function, good load characteristics and strong torsion resistance. The position repeatability is as high as 0.01mm. Because beams are often used to form a coordinate system for various positioning or processing, it is called a coordinate pneumatic cylinder, or called a coordinate pneumatic cylinder. It is a linear drive device. The coordinate pneumatic cylinder is also a linear drive module that constitutes the horizontal and vertical movement of the modular pneumatic manipulator. 



The guide tube in the coordinate pneumatic cylinder can be moved, and the corresponding piston rod is fixed. Under the pressure of compressed air, the guide cylinder drives the stopper to move together and stops when it reaches the end of the stroke. The terminal fixed stop is used to adjust the stroke of the coordinate pneumatic cylinder, and a proximity sensor and a hydraulic buffer are installed in the terminal fixed stop.

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