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JEL-FE Fieldbus Valve Terminals

JEL-FE Fieldbus Valve Terminals

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• Up to 24 valves can be installed on one valve terminal

• 2/3 way or 2/5 way solenoid valve with single coil 

• Multi-pin and low-cost IO-Link interface

• IP65 protection

• Field installation directly

• Easy to install and adjust


JEL-FE valve terminal is the leading model with built-in energy consumption management module and fully circuit protection device.

Up to 11 kinds of valve configurations, easy to realize the pressure zoning function.

Seamless switching between multi-pin and IO-Link interface.

Low cost, high reliability!


Quick switching between  electrical interface

-Valve can plug and play: Achieve maximum effect with minimum workload!

-Easy switching between multi-pin to IO-Link interface.

-In the future, easy to upgrade from IO-Link to other field bus interfaces without any reconfiguration of interface.



Valve model

5/2, 3/2

terminal port

G 1/4

Valve port


Flow volume

700 l/min

Valve width

18 mm

Working pressure

1.5 … 10 bar

Derivative type

Half-pipe type

Protection level