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MCS Series

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1. Inlet ports and outlet ports are arranged together to be more compact.

2. All pneumatic and solenoid parts are tested for better reliability.

3. Apply 25-DSUB connectors for easier wiring and time saving.

4. Comply with IP65 which is suitable for terrible ambient condition.

5. 5/2 way and 5/3 way combine with single and coil, doublemulitple combinations are available upon requesting.


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Valve Type

5/2 Way Single Coil

5/2 Way Double Coil

5/3 Way

Effective Cross Section Area

12 mm² (CV = 0.67)

9 mm² (CV = 0.5)

Port Size

Inlet, Outlet, Exhaust Port = G1/8"

Working Medium

40 Micron Filtered Air


Internal Piloted


0.15~0.8 MPa

Max. Test Pressure

1.2 MPa

Max. Ambient Temperature


Rating Voltage Tolerance

± 10%

Power Consumption

AC: 2.8 VA DC: 2.8 W

Connector Protection

F Class, IP 65

Switching Frequency

5 Cycles / Sec.

Response Time

0.05 Sec.