What are the precautions for the design and selection of pneumatic cylinders?


First. When piping and assembling the joints, prevent t […]

First. When piping and assembling the joints, prevent the remaining material of the leak-proof belt from entering the pipe. When winding the belt, set aside 1~1.5 teeth. Do not wind the leak-proof belt.

Second. If you use liquid to lock the joints (hypoxia), you should avoid excessive and liquid flowing into the body, causing the parts to jam and malfunction.

Third. Precautions for sensor assembly and use:

1. Please confirm the specifications and voltage value before use.

2. The fixed state of the strap, please do not tilt or fix it at an angle.

3. When the inductor is connected to the load, and the wire length exceeds 10 meters, it is necessary to install an inductor near the inductor to prevent pulses and prevent the contact from being released.

4. Do not use voltage and current exceeding the specifications.

5. When the connection is an inductive load, please add a protection circuit.

6. If the magnetic yellow valve opening wire is strongly pulled, twisted, shaken, placed heavy objects or improperly used, severe cases may cause short circuit and mechanical damage.

7. There is an error of about 0.5mm between the responses of the magnetic yellow valve opening.

Before operation, please pay attention and check whether all parts are firmly fixed.


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