What problems are easy to encounter in the early installation of solenoid valve?


The early installation of the solenoid valve is easy to […]

The early installation of the solenoid valve is easy to encounter problems:


1. Incomplete cleaning, careless operation, and misuse of tools. It is manifested in that the valve stem, pressure benefit, and environmental material surface do not need to be cleaned with oil, and even there are residual packing in the box; the operation is not in order, the packing is used indiscriminately, and the packing is placed anywhere, so that the packing is stained with mud and sand; no special tools are used, and the cutting is used. Packing, install packing with a screwdriver, etc. This greatly reduces the quality of packing installation.
2. Improper selection of fillers, replace high with low and wide with narrow. Use general low pressure packing in high temperature and strong corrosive medium.
3. The packing is wrong with the angles, the length is different, and it is installed in the enclosure, not flat and tight.
4. Multi-layer environment release, multi-layer winding and packing, compacting at one time. The packing in the stuffing box is uneven and there are gaps. After being compressed, the outside is tight and the inside is loose, which increases the leakage of the packing.
5. Packing is installed too much, so that the pressure benefit is on the stuffing box, and it is easy to cause bit tax to scratch the valve stem.
6. Because the pre-tightening gap between the pressure gain and the environmental material is too small, the packing leaks during use, and the gland can no longer be tightened.
7. The pressure gain is too tight on the city material, which increases the wear of the valve stem and increases the opening and closing force of the Min stem.
8. The gland is skewed, and the tightness is not hooked.
9. The gap between the valve stem and the pressure benefit is too small, friction with each other, and wear the valve stem.
10. O-shaped diagram installation is prone to defects such as distortion, scratches, and deformation.




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