What are the structural characteristics of the piston solenoid valve?


Piston solenoid valves are widely used in people's dail […]

Piston solenoid valves are widely used in people's daily life, and the product varieties are also relatively rich: ZSH chemical plant special electromagnetic induction, 231Y three-way solenoid valve, two-position three-way solenoid valve, MDFH single pulse ash removal vacuum solenoid valve, RSDF Series products with filter screen large-caliber music fountain solenoid valve (pilot type), ZCRB natural gas emergency disconnect solenoid valve, ZCF corrosion-resistant plastic king solenoid valve, ZCLD ultra-low temperature solenoid valve, ZCA vacuum solenoid valve, m-type pouring seal, ZCD outlet Value series of miniature solenoid valves, etc., and then, we will simply carry out in-depth analysis of their characteristics.



1. The solenoid valve core is made of stainless steel and has a piston structure, which has strong resistance to action fatigue.
2. The piston ring design structure is more knowledgeable, and it is made of materials that are not easy to be stuck by impurities in the medium.
3. The action sealing performance is high, and the service life is long.
4. There is no immediate friction between the metal piston and the metal valve cavity, and it is not easy to be stuck. The installation direction of the valve body is unlimited.
5. Dedicated electromagnetic coil, the coil is not easy to burn.
6. Effective sealing material and structure, better sealing performance.
7. Restart after long-term termination of action, as sensitive as small actions.
8. The interface size is usually national or international standards, and customers can customize special interfaces.
9. The service life of conventional products is more than 1 million times.
10. A solenoid valve with a jacket-type sealing piston ring and a high-performance combined sealing piston ring.
11. Ultra-high pressure solenoid valve with working pressure up to 200MPa.

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