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Space Saving Solenoid Valve

Space Saving Solenoid Valve

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Internal Structure






Number Name Number Name Number Name
1 Cross slot pan screw 7 Valve spool 13 Coil
2 Back cover 8 Piston 14 Coil nut
3 Spring 9 Y ring 15 Fix plate
4 Anomalous seal 10 Spring 16 O ring
5 Valve body 11 Mannual ride spindle 17 Plunger
6 Flat ring 12 Terminal 18 Pilot seat



Improvement of Flow Performance Indicator 




Improvement of Life-time





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Model 4V410-15 4V420-15 4V430C-15 4V430E-15 4V430P-15
4A410-15 4A420-15 4A430C-15 4A430E-15 4A430P-15
Valve Type 5/2 Way 5/3 Way
Effective Cross Section Area 50 mm²(CV=2.79) 30 mm²(CV=1.68)
Model 3V410-15 3V420-15 3A410-15 3A420-15  
Valve Type 3/2 Way
Effective Cross Section Area 50mm² (CV=2.79)
Port Size Inlet, Outlet, Exhaust Port = G1/2″
Working Medium 40 Micron Filtered Air
Operation Internal piloted
Working-pressure 0.15-0.8 MPa
Max. Test Pressure 1.2 MPa
Ambient Temperature -20~70℃
Operating Voltage Tolerance ±10%
Power Consumption AC: 3.5VA DC: 3.0W
Connector Protection F Class, IP 65
Wiring / Connector Cable / Lead Wire or DIN Connector
Switching Frequency 5 Cycles / Sec.
Response Time 0.05 Sec.